Northern California motorcycle accident law firm – Laws

The 2015 Vehicle Code for the State of California contains the laws that your Northern California motorcycle accident law firm uses to represent motorcyclists who were involved in an accident. If Northern California motorcycle accident law firmyou’re as passionate as we are about motorcycle laws, you will find this reading material interesting. If reading the 2015 vehicle code for the state of California puts you to sleep, then you better hire an attorney who knows this material.


Speeding will get you every time. Over the years your Northern California motorcycle accident law firm has witnessed many clients who received less compensation than they deserved due to the fact that they were deemed partially responsibility for the accident they were in because they were speeding. A jury trial typically contains an element of biker bias to begin with so a speeding charge won’t get you much sympathy from the jurors. In fact, in can greatly diminish the amount of compensation you are granted.

Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, close to half of all motorcycle accidents do not involve another vehicle. Rather they are solo accidents caused by speeding. Of the other half of motorcycle accidents which involve another vehicle, speeding is also one of the leading factors of accidents. In 2012, 34% of all motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes were speeding.

Statute of Limitations

The California Code of Civil Procedure Section 335-349.4 states that the statute of limitations to file a lawsuit for injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident is two years. But don’t wait that long. Call your Northern California motorcycle accident law firm hi immediately following an accident so we can begin gathering information on your case. After time has passed the odds of finding witnesses to the accident decreases and evidence may have disappeared.

Obtain Fair Compensation

Insurance companies will not treat you fairly. Protect yourself and your family and hire a Northern California motorcycle accident law firm to handle your case. We know California motorcycle laws and we have fought and won many cases in the court system. Your chances of obtaining fair compensation for your injuries is greater when you hire an experienced attorney.

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