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Contact a Fresno motorcycle accident lawyer & attorney about California helmet laws. Once upon a time motorcycle helmets were thought to be unnecessary and many riders didn’t use them because they wereFresno motorcycle accident lawyer thought to be ‘uncool’. People came up with non-supported reasons not to wear them including helmets can break your neck or helmets make you unable to see or hear.

Today your helmet defines you. Your Fresno motorcycle accident lawyer & attorney knows the importance of wearing a DOT approved helmet There are a variety of helmets available in many styles and price ranges. But without the DOT sticker it isn’t worth the pricetag. A DOT approved skid-lid or brain bucket will define what kind of rider you are. Other riders will know how serious you are about investing in gear that can save your life.

Your Fresno motorcycle accident lawyer & attorney has heard every story in the book regarding reasons for not wearing helmets. But the truth is a good helmet can save your life in an accident. Our firm is dedicated to helping motorcyclists who were involved in accidents. We can help you obtain compensation for lost wages, medical bills, for repairs to your bike and for pain and suffering.

According to The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety helmets are 37% effective in preventing motorcycle deaths and 67% effective in preventing brain injuries.

Your Fresno motorcycle accident lawyer & attorney is ready to assist in your motorcycle accident case. Call us today at 844-99-CYCLE and we will travel to your home or to the hospital to meet with you. We offer a free consultation and you don’t pay us until we obtain a fair settlement for you. We assist motorcyclists all over the state of California including the following:

  • Tulare
  • Visalia
  • Madera

The fifth largest city in California and the county seat of Fresno County is Fresno, California. According to Wikipedia, the name Fresno means ‘ash tree’ in Spanish. Fresno is located near the geographical center of California. The city has a semi-arid climate with hot dry summers and mild moist winters. Fresno is home to three large public parks: Woodward Park, Roeding Park and Karney Park. Fresno hosts many annual events such as the Armenian Grape Blessing, ArtHop, Big Fresno Fair, and Rogue Festival, among others.

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