Berkeley Motorcycle Accident Lawyer & Attorney

Contact a Berkeley motorcycle accident lawyer & attorney after a motorcycle accident. Your ability to fully recover for your injuries may be dependent on what you do in the minutes following a motorcycle Berkeley motorcycle accident lawyercrash. Your adrenalin will kick-in and your heart will be racing. Your memory will be repeating what happened and maybe what you could have done to prevent the accident. Seeing your crashed bike, your own injuries and injuries to your passengers may shock you. Try your best to maintain your composure as what you do and say following an accident can in fact hurt your case.

Your Berkeley motorcycle accident lawyer has handled several cases where clients made damaging statements immediately after a motorcycle crash and this has directly contributed to reducing the amount of compensation they might have otherwise received. Recently one of our clients made an unfortunate statement that cost him plenty. The client was t-boned by a car. When the police arrived and asked for a statement our client estimated that he was driving at a speed of sixty to sixty-five miles per hour. The speed limit was fifty-five miles per hour. The insurance company then put 30% liability on the biker which reduced the amount of compensation he could have received.

In another case, our client was wearing a GoPro camera – usually a good idea. However, in this case, the client was driving in excess of 80 mph on a side street when the accident occurred. The GoPro video documented his speed and the police and insurance companies used this evidence to put 50% liability on the client.

Regardless of the circumstances of the accident:

  • Never admit fault for the accident – saying I’m sorry is an admission against your interest
  • Don’t guess your speed – you either know it or you do not
  • The driver of the car’s story will be different than yours. It always is. Make sure to give your statement to the police about what happened
  • Never give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company

Calling a Berkeley motorcycle accident lawyer immediately following a crash will ensure that you have a determined attorney who focuses on motorcycle accidents working for you. We deal with the insurance company and get you the compensation you deserve including: compensation for lost wages, paid medical bills, money to fix your bike and/or for personal property damage as well as compensation for your pain and suffering. We travel to your location and you don’t pay us until the case is resolved.

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