A Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyer & attorney is experienced in handling cases involving comparative negligence. So you were driving your bike just a little too fast and got into an accident. That Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyerhappens. Or perhaps you were splitting lanes and a witness says you caused the accident and the police agree.

The state of California is a comparative negligence state. Comparative negligence is a legal standard that allows a person to recover damages even though they were partially at fault for an accident. In California, unlike most states, you can recover even if you were primarily (over 50%) responsible for the collision.

Comparative negligence is often alleged in motorcycle accidents. Your Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyer & attorney has handled many difficult comparative negligence cases. Complex cases like these deserve a dedicated attorney with extensive experience representing motorcyclists.

The way compensation is determined in these cases is related to what percent of the fault is assigned to you. For example, if you were speeding when a car turned left in front of you, an insurance adjuster may attempt to place a large percentage of fault on you – say for example, 50%. If the insurance company (or jury if the case goes to trial) decides that your injuries are worth $100,000.00 that amount would be reduced by 50% or $50,000.00. Your total recovery would thus be $50,000.00.

You deserve compensation for damages including your medical costs, pain, suffering and the cost to fix your bike. Even if you were deemed partially at fault, you still are able to recover damages.

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Located near the southern end of San Joaquin Valley is Bakersfield, California. With a population of 375,000 according to Wikipedia, it is the 9th largest city in California. The economy in Bakersfield is diverse and incudes such industries as: natural gas, aerospace, mining, petroleum and manufacturing. Major crops in the area include: grapes, citrus and almonds among others. Bakersfield is home to The Kern County Museum and The Buena Vista Museum of Natural History. Many of the oldest and most historic restaurants in Bakersfield are Basque, including Woolgrowers, Noriega’s, Pyrenees, Benji’s, and Narducci’s.

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