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California Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

California motorcycle accident law firm

About our California Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

A motorcycle accident can be a life changing experience. Your California motorcycle accident law firm is here to ensure that you are fully compensated for the damages you have suffered including your property damage and of course compensation for your personal injuries. Hiring a law firm that focuses extensively on motorcycle accidents can make all the difference – not only in our dealing with the insurance company, but in how we interact with you our motorcycle clients.

Attorney-Client Relationship

We receive telephone calls regularly from motorcycle accident victims who have lost touch with their attorneys. The attorney was there to sign them up and they might have handled their property damage. But after a few weeks they disappeared. Now they won’t return phone calls and the clients have no idea what’s going on with their case. That WILL NOT HAPPEN with our firm. One of the things that really differentiates us from other personal injury attorneys is the level of customer service we provide. We maintain a regular line of communication with you so that you understand what’s going on with your case at all times.

We have extensive experience speaking to motorcycle groups. We’ve given presentations to HOG chapters, Yamaha riding groups, spoke to the National BMW Convention, taught at a Cam Am riders meeting and many more. If you have a riding group of 100 members or more and are interested in our topic this year – Making Sure You have the Right Insurance Policy – A Lawyer’s Perspective – Contact our office at 844-99-CYCLE to arrange a presentation.

Extensive Experience

Our legal staff has extensive experience representing injured motorcyclists and their passengers throughout the State of California. We’ve represented multiple cyclists in San Francisco, Sacramento, Fresno, Carmichael, San Jose, Stockton, Palo Alto, and more. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of our clients. If you were involved in a collision that was the fault of another driver or you were at fault for the crash, we can make a difference in the outcome of your case.

We Deal with Insurance Companies Every Day

There is a pervasive bias against motorcyclists within insurance companies. Your Northern California motorcycle accident law firm deals with insurance companies all day every day. We know how to deal with these companies often times working with the same insurance adjusters on multiple occasions. We will handle your case so that you can do what’s important – recover from your injuries. We will take care of all property damage issues including obtaining compensation for your bike, your personal property damaged in the accident, and often for the loss of use of your motorcycle.

A Law Firm You Can Trust

Work with a California motorcycle accident law firm you can trust. We are passionate about representing bikers who were involved in accidents. No matter where you are injured in the State of California, we can travel to you! You never have to come to us.

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