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Trust is not something that comes easily anymore. A hand-shake and a person’s word used to be all it took to make a deal. That’s true in the legal world as well. This California motorcycle accident lawyer is different. Personal injury attorneys are plentiful but not many have handled literally hundreds of motorcycle accident cases. They aren’t aware of the bias that exists against bikers by drivers, witnesses, insurance adjusters and the legal system. They don’t know what road rash is or the importance of obtaining appropriate compensation for after-market parts. They don’t understand just how much bikers love their motorcycles.


Your California motorcycle accident lawyer spends nearly all his time working on motorcycle accident cases. Our service always includes:California motorcycle accident lawyer

  • Free consultation
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  • We will travel to you – you never have to come to us
  • No attorneys’ fees unless we recover on your behalf

According to The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) 4,381 motorcycle fatalities occurred in the United States in 2013. However, the vast majority of our clients are not fatalities. Rather, they’ve suffered various injuries including road rash, fractured bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, back sprains and strains, and a wide variety of other injuries.

An honest assessment of your case

There are a lot of lawyers who will promise you the moon and the stars. We offer our clients an honest assessment of their case. In today’s legal climate it is harder and harder to recover for minor injuries. Insurance companies are summarily denying claims based on any justification they can find. If we can add value to your case we will tell you. If you’re better off representing yourself because your injuries don’t justify the involvement of our firm, we will tell you that too.

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